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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2012 3:18am-3:48am PST

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the loop in terms of the discussion and supporting this effort. and so in many ways this started as a discussion about a year ago in which i said, you know, it makes some sense, many of the -- there was rationale to do this. and then we were able to get the community involved. i wrote a proposal to get outside funding involved. because in the past we've always had community groups be involved and most nonprofits do not have deep pockets to actually -- commissioner wynns: i appreciate all. that what i want to know is, is our staff, are they going to be doing the work that day? is it in their work plan? have we budgeted for that? that kind of stuff. president yee: one of the
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things that i just received pretty much notice about it, we've talked about this in terms of budget. but the main expense that we weren't too sure but now we're sure is that it needs to have 75 to 100 teachers in the preschool programs. we're going to have about the same amount of preschool teachers visit elementary school programs. so we do have the funding for that. and in terms of staffing for the people involved so far, the parent engagement office and carla and transition person that she's hired, that's been spoken about and they already know -- they've already committed to doing that. so that's most of the staff that's going to be involved and then of course we'll need translations. and then in terms of
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facilitating some of the breakout sessions, we're asking communities to do that part of the activities. commissioner wynns: have we looked at this? you've planned this and thank you. president yee: yeah. commissioner maufas: so i want to also thank you so much for working on this, president yee. i know it's totally one of your babies and you know it comes and going and to really pull together the level of leadership around this and just keep, you know, moving forward, moving forward, and you've really done it pretty quietly, at least from our board perspective. it's here. and just upon us. and i am very, very supportive and you've mentioned, you know, tidbits to us as we've crossed paths. i mean, pretty much i feel like
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the only -- besides coming and attending, you haven't asked for us to do anything to assist you and at a minimum, you know, i want to show my support by asking if you'd allow us and i'm speaking for myself and other commissioners, to join you on your resolution, in support of your efforts. and so other folks who even look at this resolution understand that the board is behind your endeavors. and i'd be honored to join you. but also, you know, am opening the phoneline for you to call and say, you know, if you need any assistance in whatever way i can be of assistance to you, my line is open and waiting for a message. ye i appreciate your effort -- president yee: i appreciate your effort. are you asking to be a name on the resolution? thank you -- commissioner maufas: and something else, too. can you ask for something else. maybe not publicly -- you can ask for something else.
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maybe not publicly but my phone is open. president yee: i appreciate the support and even though i'm presenting the resolution now and answering commissioner wynns' question, this is not new to the staff. it's just formalizing what we've been talking about and doing and planning and so forth. and it's a good opportunity for , again, for the board to know exactly what's happening with this and as we move forward, we only have a month, a little more than a month, to find details in this. i'll need a lot of help and staff is working on it and part of my role is to bridge, at least initially, help bridge that communication between our district and the community. so i think that's being done at this point and i feel real good that the district has really embraced this concept.
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thank you. roll call please. commissioner maufas: yes. commissioner mendoza: yes. maursmaurs -- commissioner murase: aye. commissioner wynns: aye. president yee: aye. >> six ayes. president yee: thank you. motion to pass -- motion passes. ok. item s. board members' report. are there any tonight? i don't -- we haven't had a meeting. t, report of -- whoa, whoa, ok. moving too quickly. who's got it? commissioner fewer? i mean, commissioner maufas.
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commissioner maufas: thank you. just making an announcement that our -- on monday, january 16, is m.l.k. jr. national day of service and i wanted to let folks know that beginning at 8:45 a.m. there are volunteer opportunities to celebrate the day of service as promoted by martin luther king jr. but also by president obama and his wife, michelle obama. at the african-american arts and cultural center. which is at 762 fulton street and it will be upstairs. again, it starts at 8:30 in the morning. there -- they will be serving a light break breakfast and volunteer signup at 9:15 there's a rally and throughout the city they will provide transportation to volunteer destinations via shuttle bus and that's gardened projects, tree planting, cleaning up of parks and streets,
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participating in local food pantry, painting, writing letters for some of our troops, reading for seniors and there will be many, many more signup opportunities and again to remind everyone of this is an opportunity for us to participate in the national day of service here in san francisco and again it starts at 8:45 on monday, january 16, at the african-american arts and cultural center. they will be providing, again, shuttle transportation. for more information you may contact melanie green at mlknes and for direct access to all the day's events can you go to and just click on the complex special events
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and you will find out more information. thank you. commissioner murase: yes, i have two announcements. i'm sending down a program from the ucsf lincoln high school fifth celebration. many of you are aware that lincoln high school has a two-year biotechnology program under the direction of a man of jenentech. they oversee high school opportunities -- students in biotech. they have partnered with professor wendell wnyys' lab and while they have competing at the m.i.t. biotech olympics they have come home with two golds, one silver, one best new application and fifth place in their first year of competition. so it's really a great
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celebration. this is one of the reasons why lincoln is such a popular high school these days. there's no admission requirements to that two-year biotech program and really what the kids are doing is not just undergraduate level work but graduate level work. so i would love to invite them, some of the students are local still, to show us a presentation that won the gold in last year's olympics. my our announcement is january 27 is the application deadline for applying to sfusd kindergarten, middle school and high school. so i want to thank the hardworking staff of the educational placement center. it's going to be very busy in the coming weeks. and then i'm sorry, my last announcement is we are working on board policies and i know board members committed to submitting their suggestions and edit to our legal counsel
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coleman. so she's still waiting to hear from my colleagues. >> what's the deadline? >> it was monday. >> yeah, that's right. commissioner murase: so if people could spend time on that, it's a very important activity. commissioner fewer: i would just like to share with the board that on january 3 i went to the graduation of the charter school and it was the last graduation under sheriff hennessy who is our sheriff for three decades. three-plus decades. anyway, it was a wonderful event attended by many family members and very encouraging and also a stark reminder of the work that we still need to do here at san francisco unified and then i'd like to mention also the san francisco p.t.a. will be celebrating their 100th anniversary on february 10 and everyone is invited to come. it's $45 to come and celebrate
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that momentous occasion. at the next meeting i will not be present but commissioner maufas and i have both authored a resolution in commendation of them. so we look forward to that. and i just wanted to say thank you to all the past san francisco p.t.a. presidents, district presidents. it was a tremendous job. it is completely volunteer. and i have been a p.t.a. president myself for 12 terms so -- and that's just at my school so i can't even imagine what it might be -- what a big job it would be districtwide. so san francisco p.t.a., second district in the state of california to ever -- to charter a p.t.a. congratulations. i won't be here next week to congratulate them. mrs. wilson. >> should also acknowledge that
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there's the state p.t.a. president right now. this will be a big anniversary for them. we should all try to be present. president yee: ok. what i'd like to do is request information about committees. if people could send in their requests for what committees they would like to participate in for this year by friday, that way we could -- vice president norton and myself could go over them and put together the best assignment we could put. so did you cast them? the three of you who are not listening? committee assignment, so, send in your requests by friday. >> we should just write them down and send them snow president yee: yeah, email. email -- >> where they going to all be the same committees or are you talking about the four major
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ones? we have a fouad hocks. -- few ad hocs. president yee: give me your three committees that you would like to be on, the existing ones, and we'll make some decisions around which ones are -- we're going to move forward with. including ad hocs. ok. and that's due friday. friday. i know. ok. let's see. where am i? t. we're on t. report of closed session actions. for january 10, 2012, student expulsion, the board by the vote of six ayes and one absent approved the expulsion of one high school student.
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the board by a vote of seven ayes, approved a contract for one principal. we are adjourning this meeting and we've taken care of the memory of warren helmand. so meeting is adjourned.
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>> is this working? all right. let me start by thanking everyone for coming out today. as everyone knows, there are several city agencies, several community groups, and i will get to the city family and leadership who is out here today. every chinese new year, all the departments all get together, and we all work very hard in making sure that the chinatown area is clean, free from graffiti. that the merchants are allocated -- educated about our ordinances. this year, we're going to do something special and a little bit different. we have been working with the merchants association, the chinese chamber of commerce and many associations here to come up with a great idea to make
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walking much easier but also to make buying merchandise and enjoying chinatown much easier. hopefully also allowing the bus to run smoothly while these activities are going on. without further delay, i would like to introduce our mayor, who is no stranger to chinatown and who is really spearheading this idea. thank you. [applause] mayor lee: let's see if everybody can occupy the parking space. exactly what we want to do is make sure people use the sidewalks as much as possible. first of all, how the new year, everyone. i know that as we celebrate the traditional new year, as soon as i finish with one new year, i get ready for the next year, because chinese new year is also
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a huge celebration not over chat -- not only over chinatown, but all over the city. the city really makes a lot of money with a lot of tourists that come in. the department of public works has already started -- you are already cleaning up the big gate down there and the graffiti. one of the things that is part of the tradition -- and it is already happening in my own house -- as i have to clean up my hard, clean my kitchen, my bedroom, my living room before chinese new year comes. that is the same thing with literally every chinese family, every chinese-owned business, but also beyond that, i think this culture is spreading that a lot of non-asian families are doing the same thing. whether it is our friends at
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north beach or people here in chinatown. in talking with the merchants all over china town, chinese chamber, the stockton street merchants, the chinatown merchants association -- we wanted to capture a little bit more improvement this year on pedestrian safety. there was an idea that was created and talked about for several weeks where it began by a few years ago when i was public works director, that we expanded some of the sidewalks for the benefit of pedestrian safety. we worked very closely with the traffic division of mta. we worked with our health department. we worked with chinatown neighborhood groups and the businesses to expand those sidewalks, and it has actually become quite a positive thing. then, we had sunday streets this past year in the summer where we literally took over grant ave. that became a very positive
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thing. in fact, we started the first ping-pong tournament in chinatown as a result. more and more, there has been an interest that more of the sidewalks and potentially maybe even a strip of the parking area be taken over with more pedestrian and shared with merchants in the area, so we began this collaboration through the mayor's office with the collaboration of all of the chinatown merchants groups, the chamber of commerce, the merchants association. the stockton street merchants in particular, who are standing behind me. as well as the family association. then, certainly with supervisor david chiu and his staff, in thinking what we could do to enhance the time when it is most busy. we determined with the participation of our police department, our health department, our traffic
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division, and all the other agencies associated with our city administrator's office. the acting administrator is here to for dissipate as well. the 10 days before chinese new year is really the most impactual. we have a lot of families here not only eating, but buying the kinds of things that they need to do to get ready. in collaboration with all the agencies, and in particular our public safety agencies, we felt we wanted to try something out. what we have determined is that from sacramento street through to broadway, and i believe there's a couple of blocks on broadway as well -- on a grant as well that we also determined were very impacted. that we would take an opportunity to announce and develop a pilot program where the parking spaces would then be
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occupied by a shared use of both pedestrians and merchants, and to see if we could do that in a safe way that we would allow ourselves to enhance it. quite candidly in my observation that i know is shared by some or others -- if we did not occupy it with that, it would be occupied by cars and a lot of delivery trucks all day long and maybe all night long. instead, to maybe enhance this. we decided that we would enhance the ability to have pedestrians years that more and to have the merchants use that more, bring out more of the merchandise that will be sold their and still have the sidewalks to welcome in families. to have a safe pathway for all of them and keep everybody within the safety zone.
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we are going to do that as a pilot program this year. again, i really want to thank everybody working together because it is all the neighborhood agencies working under the leadership of public works, working with our police department and their foot patrols are out here, and they see what happens every day. we do not want anybody to get into the streets at all. right, commander and captain? it is their safety that is really the preeminent thing that we want to do. while we try to enhance the family experience in chinatown and welcome in a little bit more business and have that positive experience. it works or it we need to tweak it, we will do more of the. we will work with everybody to enhance it. i think this is worth trying. i think it is time we do this, and it will begin this saturday.
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i think it is a welcoming thing for everybody that will increase the participation and i think increase the businesses. while the tourist business has increased this last year in the city, certain pockets of our city have not experienced as much as other pockets of the city. so this is yet another way we can do it. i know north beach has some special needs. we can pay attention to that in the very near future. there are other pockets, but this is part of what i wanted e merchant quarters, hear what they had to say, respond in a positive way and experience and experiment with ideas that innovate with our emergence to try to enhance their ability to make a little bit more, and also help with the cultural scene. this year is the year of the dragon. eat you know anything about the dragon, you know that the dragon is kind of like the big leader of all of the zodiac animals.
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they are fearless. they have the big dragon breath. you know, the fire breath. they are not fearful of hast things. they want to just flows through some new ideas, and i think that is what we wanted to boldly this year, kind of use the spirit of the dragon to say, cassette and let's do some new ideas. let's be bold about it." let's do something that enhances the cultural theme of chinatown as well. we decided to do this. we believe we have the support of all of the residents. there preeminent thing was that pedestrian safety be the number one thing, so we have done that. we have reflected in it. i want to thank this very balanced approach that vw has had with everybody's cooperation. all of the inspectors would be here. we will have some additional monitors to make sure that the safety is preeminent, but at the same time, to gauge the participation of everybody.
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i do believe what everybody's help, this will be a positive thing. particularly, i want to thank the merchants. they were bold enough to say, "let's try something a little different. supervisor is responsible for what happens in this district, so we engaged him early. i want to thank him for helping to support this but also helping to lead it as well. we will be working closely with him as he gives feedback on the experience. supervisor chiu: thank you, mr. mayor. happy new year. have a chinese new year two weeks ahead of time. one of the most amazing aspect of, i think, one of the most special holidays that we celebrate in san francisco is the chinese new year rally brings books together. i want to thank everyone who is part of making this great announcement possible. our city agencies who are here, the mta, our san francisco police department, dpw, our city
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administrator. also, i have to thank our mayor. he first spoke to me about this in, i think, our first meeting right after the election. we both wanted to move forward on ideas that would help revitalize not just our merchant corridors and job creation, but make sure that chinatown remains the very special capital of the chinese-american community that it is. i think the announcement is also very special because we're talking about how we use our streets in a way that bill communities. san francisco in recent years has been on the forefront of taking back our streets for our families, our children, our seniors. just like sunday streets, i think what we are experimenting with with this pilot project will be in that direction. we are also talking about making the chinese new year experienced more authentic. more what we expect chinese new year's to be celebrated throughout the world. i want to thank everyone here from the chinese merchant
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associations, attorneys chambers, our family associations, our non-profit associations. this is what san francisco should be about, coming together to celebrate san francisco. again, congratulations. happy new year. [applause] >> as you heard the mayor and supervisor chiu say, it is always coming together. one of the key partners in making sure the project is successful is sfmta. i will have them come and give you a few tips on what to look for. [laughter] >> on behalf of all my colleagues at the sfmta we are pleased to be partnering with all the other city agencies as well as the community to bring forth this pilot. in addition to enhancing the pedestrian experience, we have
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done quite a bit on stockton street, including the pedestrian scramble signals recently. in addition to enhancing the experience through this pilot, one of our primary goals is to make sure that the traffic and transit continue to operate satisfactorily throughout this corridor. for that to happen, we will need everyone's cooperation. i think the best tool is compliance and cooperation. i am sure that will be the case. i am really looking forward to this pilot being impactful, the official, and ultimately successful. thank you. [applause] >> another partner to make sure that while you are shopping at tsa is -- that while you're shopping you are safe is the finest police department. >> i had not prepared tco


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